MM-450 Serie - Inflatable stationary truck shelter


MM-450 Model - Inflatable stationary truck shelter


The MM-450 door seal isolates the trucks from 10’-6’’ to 14’-0’’ of the ground. It suits for a door opening of _____ large by _____ high and for the standard dock levelers of 48’’ to 50’’of the ground.

It is fabricated with two verticals and an adjustable automatic head. The door seal is molded with a series of inside spacers, allowing the air to flow freely and having both sides of the truck covered. An intern and extern retroaction system and rails are added to bring it toward the wall when deflating. All the door seal parts are built with ventilation holes in their lower parts to drain out the inside humidity.

The head piece is composed dry wood lumbers and an automatic retracting roll upwards or when disconnecting.

The roof is composed of two sides support in galvanised steel and a wooden frame, covered with a translucent plastic resisting to UV. Each package includes a 1/2 hp, 120 volts, 8.634.3 amps, 1210 CFM

All the hardware for the installation is supplied in galvanised steel. Steel support protections are also included.


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