MM-200 serie - Adjustable curtain door seals


MM-200 Model - Adjustable curtain door seal


The MM-200 door seal isolates the trucks from 11’-6’’ to 13’-6’’ of the ground. 

It is fabricated with industrial quality polyurethane pieces of 27 lbs of compression, fixed on dry wood lumber of 2’’ thickness. The side pieces are equipped with a 4’’ large and 30’’ high yellow line. All the door seals are equipped with ventilation holes in their lower parts. The adjustable curtain is controlled entirely by a pulley system, sliders and cords. Rigidity is added to the bottom part of the curtain with a fibreglass shaft.

The lower parts of the side are cut to the angle to prevent pinching between the truck and the bumpers.

All the hardware for the installation is supplied in galvanized steel.


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