MM-325 serie - Inflatable and côtés compressibles door seals

MM-325 Model - Inflatable / Compressible adjustable header door seal

The MM-325 door seal isolates the trucks from 10’-6’’ to 14’-0’’ of the ground. 

It is fabricated with industrial quality polyurethane pieces of 27 lbs of compression, fixed on dry wood lumber of 2’’ thickness. The side pieces are equipped with a 4’’ large and 30’’ high yellow line. All the door seals are equipped with ventilation holes in their lower parts.

It is also fabricated with an automatic adjustable head composed of two 2’’ X 8’’ wooden planks and an automatic retracting roll upwards or when disconnecting.

The roof is composed of two sides support in galvanised steel and a wooden frame, covered with a translucent plastic resisting to UV and l’allumage d’une épaisseur de 0.055 gauge. Each package includes a 1/10 hp, 120 volts, 3.25 amps, 495 CFM

All the hardware for the installation is supplied in galvanised steel.


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